Transvia Forestal

Transvia group

It offers integral transportation that allows us to provide solutions for the transportation and logistics of products at a national and international level, covering the forestry, aquaculture, agribusiness and air sectors, with the efficiency and effectiveness in the operations for the fulfillment of the distribution of the merchandise.


To satisfy and guarantee the norms of supervision of loads and discharges to the storage and distribution of the product; boost the agility of port operations and minimize the risk of supplies.


To provide an integral, timely and reliable transportation service, with people organized and committed to doing a good job.


Our staff is trained to provide a quality of service at all times, with responsibility and punctuality to obtain continuous improvements and greater security.

The transvia group has companies integrated to the operation of different areas, in which it is:

  • Las Coscojas. Ltda.
  • Transvía Forestal Ltda.
  • Tranvía Logistics
  • Transvía Rent a Car


We have offices and operational bases in:

  • Los Andes
  • Puerto Montt
  • San Antonio
  • Arauco
  • Valdivia
  • Buenos Aires
  • Mendoza
  • São Paulo
  • Antofagasta
  • Asunción
  • Iquique
  • Arica
imagen de red de Coscojas