Equipment and Technology


Our fleet has more than 240 Truck Tracts, mostly with less than 5 years, among them brands like Volvo and Scania.

Dragging equipment

More than 120 refrigeration chambers, modern units with carrier motors, load capacity of 28.000 kg gross, with grooved floors allowing a better quality of the maintenance of the load.

Siders with ancra system to load up to 60 positions and bulk carriers with transport capacity of 30 tons.

Container ship.


The professional maintenance of our equipment is fundamental for the quality service provided by transvia. For this we have:

  • Equipment of mechanics specialized in diverse matters, with continuous improvement in general mechanics, cold mechanics, structures.
  • Workshop of 1.400 m2 equipped with technology necessary for maintenance and repair of equipment.
  • Rescue route.
  • Brand maintenance.