Fotos de Las Coscojas

Las Coscojas

Soc. Com. Las Coscojas is located in Fundo la Isla S/N Lo Miranda (H-30), with an area of 18,000 square meters.

We have been rolling for more than 20 years on the roads of our country and South America. Our main destinations are Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay. During these years we have acquired vast experience, this becomes an important added value that we make available to our customers on a daily basis so that they feel comfortable and calm with our services.


Transportation of dry, cold and refrigerated cargo to different national and international distribution centers.

We have a modern fleet of more than 120 trucks of prestigious brands, along with the same number of refrigerated trailers, siders, container carrier that allow us to give solution to any eventuality or need of our clients.

Internal Dimensions of Refrigerated trailers:

  • Volume: 100 m3
  • Width: 2,50 mts.
  • Height: 2.62 meters high.
  • Length: 15.18 meters long.

All have grooved floors, allowing adequate air circulation inside.

  • Loading capacity
  • Directional 7 TM
  • 2 axes 18 MT.
  • Trailer 3 axes 25 TM.

What gives us a capacity of 45 MT. (Gross) Maximum allowed for national and international transit. In terms of useful load our equipment can load up to 26,000 kilos.

Fotos de Las Coscojas

Commitment to our customers:

  • Quality
  • Responsibility
  • Long-term relationship
  • Efficiency


The Contact with the customer is made through the traffic department within which a responsible executive is assigned who will be able to respond 24 hours a day from the beginning of the load until delivery.

During the journey, the executive keeps track of each truck dispatched in order to monitor the progress of the trip according to the predefined standards, this information is sent daily to the entire chain requested by our client.

Communication system:

All our trucks have cellular phone with national and international coverage which allows us to have information on-line at any time of the trip. The GPS system is implemented throughout the fleet.

Our people:

We have highly qualified staff, recruit new talents and combine them with experienced professionals to deliver optimal service.

Fotos de Las Coscojas


In August 1991, Sociedad Com. Las Coscojas begins to take its first steps in the field of road transport by means of the incorporation of its first 40 tracts and an equal number of grain trailers.

In May 1995, our existing facilities are inaugurated in the town of Lo Miranda, 15 kilometers from the city of Rancagua, where our operations base and workshops are located.

This company was born as a enterprise dedicated mainly to the transport of loads of grains and fruit, turning over the years into a company specialized in the transportation of refrigerated cargo, the main area to which it is currently dedicated.

Fotos de Las Coscojas


Address: Route H-30, Fundo La Isla, lot B s / n, Lo Miranda.

Phone: (56-72)246 6205

Chief of Operations:

Juan Carlos Araneda: (56-9)6 192 0691/


Jorge Cañas: (56-9)5 197 2491 /

Human Resources:

Maria Francisca Fuentes: (56-9)4 468 8039 /